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Oregon Wineries Expand Business — With M…


Oregon Wineries Expand Business — With Marijuana?

Diversifying your small business’s offerings can be a great way to bring in extra income and protect your business from prolonged slumps. But when adding new products or services, you have to find something that makes sense based on the resources and customer base you already have.... Read more

11 Tips to Save Your Retail Business Fro…


11 Tips to Save Your Retail Business From Extinction

The retail apocalypse has been well documented. Major chains have had to close stores, lay people off and even go out of businesses entirely. And small retail businesses may have it even harder. But retail businesses aren’t completely a lost causes. There are ways to make your retail business stand out and potentially save it from extinction, if you’re willing to rethink the customer experience and get a little innovative. Brian Solis gives an overview... Read more

Google Primer App: Quick and Fun Busines…


Google Primer App: Quick and Fun Business Lessons

One of the best kept secrets in the Google arsenal of small business tools is an app called Primer.  This app provides business lessons in an engaging, quick and fun way.... Read more

Leading Through the Turn: Enjoying the J…


Leading Through the Turn: Enjoying the Journey of Business Leadership

Usefulness Content Freshness No matter what stage of entrepreneurship you are, there will always be a journey and destination. To make that path through entrepreneurship significant and larger than you ever thought possible, readers need to look no further than “Leading Through the Turn: How a Journey Mindset Can Help Leaders Find Success and Significance”. Her story of embracing the twists and turns of entrepreneurship can empower any current or future entrepreneur to appreciate what... Read more

Are You Attending These Two Important Sm…


Are You Attending These Two Important Small Business Twitter Chats in June?

Sometimes the best way to get ahead in business is to simply network and gather input from your fellow entrepreneurs. And you don’t even need to travel or buy expensive conference tickets to do this. There are two upcoming Twitter chats next month that can help you learn more about various aspects of small business ownership. The first chat is about confronting challenges in business. The MetLife sponsored chat takes place on June 21. And... Read more

10 Tips for Avoiding Mistakes While Runn…


10 Tips for Avoiding Mistakes While Running a Small Business

While mistakes can often teach valuable lessons, they also have the potential to cost your business — and set you back from achieving your goals. So here are some tips from the online small business community that may help you avoid some of the more costly errors. And also there are some tips to help you avoid missing out on great opportunities as well. Read on. Don’t Ignore Cybersecurity If you’ve paid any attention to... Read more

How To Use YouTube Cards on Your Busines…


YouTube cards, also known in some quarters as Info Cards or Interactive Cards,... Read more

Free Range Brands Have to be Innovative,…


Free Range Brands Have to be Innovative, Agile, Engaging to Survive

Usefulness Content Freshness If your branding isn’t agile enough for the Millennial generations and beyond, it won’t survive to make a profit. “Free Range Brands”, written by a Fortune 500 digital strategist who has seen it all, is an energetic and bold call to action for those brands who are stuck holding onto the rules of an old-fashioned branding in a brand-crowded and business-disrupting world. Free Range Brands: Join the New Breed of Agile Brands... Read more

How to Manage the Scarcity of Time, Tale…


How to Manage the Scarcity of Time, Talent, Energy for Success

Usefulness Content Freshness Is your business turning into a red-tape bureaucracy that is sabo thing your plans for growth? Take back your company and your potential for growth with" Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag and Unleash Your Team’s Productive Power". Using the book's focus on leveraging scarcity (time, talent, and energy) to create growth, your business might be able to pull off a turnaround and launch into a new recurring cycle of industry-dominating success.... Read more

Bowery Reinvents Farming for Urban Lands…


Bowery Reinvents Farming for Urban Landscapes

Agriculture is one of the oldest industries out there. But businesses are still finding new ways to update this industry in order to get fresh produce to the people who need it most.... Read more

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