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7 Ideas to Improve Brand Loyalty Through…


7 Ideas to Improve Brand Loyalty Through Email Marketing

Email marketing serves a number of purposes, integrating multiple separate marketing channels and funneling your audience into one place. However, most email marketers end up narrowing their focus to only one email marketing goal: click-throughs. It’s certainly important to optimize your emails for click-throughs , as more traffic to your site usually translates directly to more revenue. However, there’s another dimension of email marketing strategy that could lead to an even longer-term return on your... Read more

United Airlines Leggings Controversy Sho…


United Airlines Leggings Controversy Shows Need to Change with the Times

If you haven’t changed any of your... Read more

Nearly All U.S. Exporters are Small Busi…


An astonishing 97 percent of all U.S. companies that export products are actually small businesses.... Read more

Animaker Introduces First Animated Verti…


Animaker Introduces First Animated Vertical Video Platform

While you may have been accustomed to watching videos horizontally thanks to the TV and movies, the next video marketing wave is vertical videos.... Read more

Where Should Food Businesses Advertise f…


Like every other small business, companies in the food sector want to lower costs. One way to do that is to be smart when spending advertising dollars.... Read more

Good News for Franchises? Joint Employme…


Good News for Franchises? Joint Employment Regs Appear Doomed

Labor Secretary designee Alexander Acosta’s views on a controversial Obama-era joint... Read more

How to Deal With High Turnover at Your S…


How to Deal With High Turnover at Your Store

Turnover is part of life in retailing. After all, this industry tends to attract young employees, part-time workers and others who may see retail as a stepping stone rather than a career path. Still, when turnover is higher than usual, it can leave you struggling. If your store is suffering high turnover, here are some steps you should take to reduce employee turnover.... Read more

7 Tips for Telling Content Unicorns from…


7 Tips for Telling Content Unicorns from Content Donkeys

Most of your content is DOA: Dead on Arrival (or maybe Donkey on Arrival). Individuals, businesses, and brands are producing a ridiculously enormous amount of content every minute. That means your content is getting lost in the noise. But wait. Every marketing expert ever agrees that the secret to content marketing success is creating quality content. And you’re creating quality content, right? So … why is most of your content still failing? Simple: Your definition... Read more

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