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This book is written for people who have little or no knowledge about investing. It is for beginners.


There are no complicated formulas or financial models with confusing terminology. Simply stated, it is for everyday people who would like to invest but need a basic understanding of the stock market and how it works. 


It begins with helping you find money in your existing budget to invest. Don't worry, the money is there, you just have to unlock it.


What this book is not, is a get rich quick scheme. It walks you through the basic "Hows" and "Whys" of investing and all you have to do is be willing to learn. It is really that simple! 


Hi, my name is Lem Lewis, and I am from very humble beginnings. My father was a factory worker and my mother cleaned homes. Every penny earned had to be managed with care. My parents’ ability to successfully manage what they had was the beginning of my understanding of how they thought about money. It helped me to improve my own financial well-being. Along the way I picked up a couple of college degrees and was fortunate to be exposed to a number of very smart people, but the basics of managing money, I learned from my parents.


So why is Po Folks Investment Guide different? …Simply stated, it will help you "change the way you think about money". It is your guide, your roadmap to improving your financial well-being. No magic, no flashing lights, just a simple no nonsense pathway to financial freedom.


It is often said the longest journey begins with the first step.


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