Should I Fire a Family Member

Firing a Family Member … If You Have To

 A reader from Ohio asks:

“I am struggling with the question of firing a family member. In a moment of weakness last year, I hired my brother. I didn’t know he was such a screw up. He comes in late and drops the ball a lot, causing problems with customers. Then he blames it on someone else. I noticed my other employees starting to pick up his bad habits. My mother always takes his side and I know she will do so here, but I don’t know what else to do. Should I fire him?”  

  –  Andrea from Dover, Ohio 

That is an important question, Andrea. There’s no easy way to terminate any employee, much less your own brother. But sometimes it has to be done.

Firing a Family Member … If You Have To

It’s always best to try to work things out first. Do everything you can to avoid termination, because it can really mess up family dynamics. The impact can be lifelong.

Before you get to firing, you need a staged approach. First try to get improvement. Don’t rush into termination as the first step. Give your family member an opp

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