10 Millionaire Books for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur with big goals, you dream of success and one day becoming a millionaire. You want financial independence. You want the means to enjoy a nice lifestyle. So how do you achieve your dreams?

One of the best ways to get started and stay on track is to read books about millionaires. We’re talking about books with rags-to-riches stories to inspire you and grow your confidence. We’re also talking about books that offer practical advice for investing and making smart financial decisions.

This is our recommended reading list of the 10 best books for any ambitious entrepreneur to build the confidence to slay dragons and become a millionaire.

1. Total Money Makeover millionaire books

by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is the reigning king of financial management for everyday Americans. Ramsey has built a personal finance empire — with millions of daily radio show listeners, personal finance courses, books, and even a budgeting app called Every Dollar. Ramsey himself went from bankruptcy to multi-millionaire status. No one wants to be broke, and Ramsey’s system has helped people control their spending habits, become debt-free, and build wealth.

Your net worth is less about how much you earn, and more about how much you spend. If you want to achieve your business goals the first step is to get out of the pressure of being in debt and worrying about money all the time. That’s the reason for including Total Money Makeover at the top of this list. You must get your spending habits under control — personally and also in your business. Until you control the outflow of money, it’s going to be hard to accrue real wealth.

2. The Millionaire Next Door

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