The Power of the Team When Starting Your Business

The Power of Team When You Dream Big

Starting a small business doesn’t mean you have to start with a small idea. In fact, starting with a big idea can actually lead to more success than going with a series of smaller steps or goals.

Small Business Trends spoke with Hadi Partovi of about this subject at Dreamforce 2017 in San Francisco. is a non-profit that works to expand access to computer science educational programs. And Partovi founded the company with a big goal in mind.

Partovi’s dad taught him how to code when he was younger. But that is far from the norm. And now that computer science is such a big part of society, Partovi is working to make it a bigger part of the curriculum at schools across the country.

That’s a fairly lofty goal. But Partovi actually believes that big ideas have lots of potential benefits for businesses.

Partovi explained, “Most people get held back by their own, I guess either insecurity or lack of confidence or fear or whatever you name it, and think, ‘I’ll make a small step and then if that succeeds then I’ll go for something bigger.’ And I actually think the biggest successes are from the people who just say ‘screw it, I’m just going to go for the biggest dream I can think of.’

Alyce Uses AI to Choose the Business Gifts Recipients Might Actually Want

Alyce AI Corporate Gift Giving Platform Wants to Disrupt the MarketBusiness gift giving is time consuming enough — especially during the holiday season. But for small businesses that hope their gifts make an actual impact, measuring results can be all but impossible.

That’s why a new company is trying to disrupt the corporate gifts market. Alyce is a new AI powered platform that gives businesses an easier and more effective way to select and send gifts to prospects, clients and other corporate contacts.

Founder and CEO Greg Segall said in an email interview with Small Business Trends, “Every business leader I have talked to — and I have interviewed hundreds of them — has reaffirmed that corporate gift-giving takes too much time, costs them too much money, and they are left wondering whether their gift had any impact at all.”

Corporate Gift Giving Platform Uses AI

Alyce uses AI to match your gift recipient to the perfect gift for them. The platform has more than 30,000 potential gifts to choose from. Then it takes into account relevant social data and your business’s goals to select a gift that’s personalized to each individual. The recipient receives a notification that they’ve received a gift, at which point they can accept, choose another gift or even donate the money to charity.

Segall adds, “So for e

8 Things Every Startup Owner Should be Thankful For

8 Things Small Business Owners Should Be Thankful For
It’s never a bad time to take stock of all the things in your life that help you run your small business every day. Perhaps there’s no better time than now however, to pause for a moment and give thanks to everyone who has brought you to where you are today with your small business — and everything too.

Small Business Trends spoke with Josh Wiesman, Co-Founder and CEO at Smilo. Wiesman is wrapping up his first year in business with Smilo. His company sells baby and child care products directly to consumers.

In the spirit of the season, he reached out to Small Business Trends to share the things he’s most thankful for after enduring Year 1 in business.

Things Small Business Owners Should Be Thankful For

Here are eight things Wiesman says he’s thankful for this year as he looks toward a second year in business.

Having an Impact

Entrepreneurs impact the lives of many people — not just their customers and employees. For example, many entrepreneurs should be thankful they can donate any new found wealth to local charities and help communities. Others can become mentors and have an impact that way.

Some, like Wiesman, are thankful for the good their specific products do.

“Our anti-colic feeding bottle can be the first successful feed a family has with

How Mitzi Perdue Recommends Passing Your Business to the Next Generation

Mitzi Perdue Offers Advice on Passing on a Family Business to the Next Generation

About 70 percent of family businesses never make it past the first generation. Mitzi Perdue is uniquely familiar with the challenges of passing on a family business. Perdue was born into the family that created Sheraton Hotels and then married into the family behind Perdue Chicken. Because of this expertise, Perdue recently wrote a book specifically about family business ownership, called “How to Make Your Family Business Last.”

Listen to an interview with Perdue by Small Business Trends’ Ramon Ray in the latest installment of our exclusive Smart Hustle Report.

Tips for Passing on a Family Business

Perdue’s book contains roughly 60 tips about passing on a family business. She shared a few of those insights with Small Business Trends in a recent email interview. Here are five tips for families looking to pass a family business from one generation to the next.

Know What to Look Out For

There are many different reasons why specific families might not be able to pass a family business to the next generation. But there are a couple of them that stand above the rest.

Perdue explained, “A large part of the reason many families don’t make it are eithe

One-Third of Small Business Owners Work Half of the Major Holidays

Survey Finds Small Business Owners Are Not Taking Holidays

One-third of small business owners work at least three of the six major holidays in the US. This was the finding of a survey by the direct funding platform Kabbage.

Kabbage’s new survey reveals several work/life balance issues related to the sacrifices small business owners are willing to make. The research involved surveying 400 small business owners, with 67 percent stating they expect to increase revenues by the end of the year. More than half of the small business owners interviewed said they anticipate an increase in revenue of 10 percent or higher.

The survey found that 60 percent of small business owners only take one full vacation a year, while 23 percent take less than two holidays off annually. Furthermore, when on holiday, 75 percent of small business owners continue working.

Small Business Owners Are Not Taking Holidays

In a press release about the survey, Kabbage Chief Revenue Officer Victoria Treyger spoke of the diligence and hard work small business owners put into their businesses, so much so that they’re willing to relinquish holidays and work during major vacations.

“Small businesses are the heartbeat of our economy, and they deserve an enormous amount of gratitude. These are the individuals w


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