How Chad Corzine Turned Personal Need Into a Thriving Blooming Business

Chad Corzine Turned Personal Need Into Business Success through Customer Relationships

Chad Corzine didn’t set out to start a business. He simply wanted to start a small garden in his apartment and couldn’t find a product that fit his needs. Even after he did start his business, he had to constantly make adjustment and change his thinking based on things he learned from customers.

Corzine is the founder of Urban Agriculture Co., a business that sells grow kits aimed at making gardening easier for everyone, even those who don’t have a ton of space. Corzine recently spoke with me as part of Small Business Trends’ Smart Hustle Report, where he discussed the idea behind the business and multiple factors that led to the company’s early success.

You can hear the full interview here:

Corzine said, “Our company did not invent the grow kit. We just reinvented it, in my opinion.”

The idea originally came to him when he was trying to grow plants in his apartment. He used other grow kits, but every option on the market only included a seed starter kit, which requires customers to transplant the plants once they start growing. T

71 of Millennials Support Mandatory Paid Family Leave

71% of Millennials Support Mandatory Paid Family Leave Survey Reveals

The issue of mandatory paid family leave by small businesses is being addressed in a new survey by Paychex. In it, 71 percent of millennials showed support, but there is no clear consensus as to how it should be implemented or funded by everyone.

Mandatory Paid Family Leave Survey

In the survey, almost half or 47 percent said they support mandatory paid family leave, while 35 percent were neutral and the remaining 18 percent didn’t support it at all. A further breakdown of the survey shows there is disagreement about the regulation, implementation and funding of the plan.

For small businesses, the term “mandatory” has grave consequences. With limited capital and resources, paying for yet another government mandated program can mean closing their doors forever. The Trump executive orders to eliminate these regulations are helping, but state and local governments are now implementing their own laws to counteract what the President is doing.

This is not to say small businesses don’t want to provide paid family leave. Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO, explained the issue in a press release.

“No matter how large or small the organization, most employers want to create a workplace culture that supports employees in times of ne

Intuit Tool Helps Freelancers and Contractors File 1099 Forms

New QuickBooks 1099 Features Helps Small Businesses File Forms for Freelancers and Contractors

Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU) today unveiled a series of new features for QuickBooks aimed at helping small businesses that work with freelancers and independent contractors. And it can potentially make life easier for those contractors as well.

New QuickBooks 1099 Features

The features, which are automatically available with every version of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks online, let businesses send employment and tax forms to contractors within the QuickBooks software, so they can collect the relevant information without having to print and scan actual paper forms. And it lets contractors more seamlessly and securely share their information as well.

Small businesses are becoming increasingly reliant upon contract workers, with Intuit estimating that 43 percent of the U.S. workforce will be made up of contractors by 2020.

New QuickBooks 1099 Features Helps Small Businesses File Forms for Freelancers and Contractors

12 Ways Cloud Based Machine Learning Can Boost Small Business Productivity

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12 Ways Cloud Based Machine Learning Can Boost Small Business Productivity

If you’ve heard about artificial intelligence (AI) at all, you’ve likely come across another heavily used term, machine learning. What’s the difference between the two?

Artificial intelligence is a term that denotes a machine that can make decisions on its own, while Machine learning is a term that denotes a machine that can correlate, analyze, and learn things from your data.

It all boils down to this: true AI, a machine that thinks like a human, does not exist today. Instead, machine learning is the version of AI we’ve got and, while more limited than true AI, it opens up a whole range of possibilities to your small business.

Ways Cloud Based Machine Learning Can Boost Small Business Productivity

Since machine learning is fed with data, it knows a lot of things about your company, your products and services, and your customers. Armed with that knowledge, a cloud-based machine learning solution can boost your productivity by:

Identifying trends and providing insights into your business’ processes, finances, offerings and customers; and Automating some parts of your

How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Amazing in 2018

2018 Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

As a small business, mobile marketing has to be part of your overall campaign if you want to reach your customers. A new infographic by Filmora points out some mobile marketing statistics you should be watching out for in 2018 along with some valuable tips.

Titled, “Mobile Marketing Statistics and Tips for 2018,” the infographic includes data on why mobile marketing has become a critical piece of marketing. It includes everything from smartphone ownership to demographics, usage and engagement as well as some important marketing tips for businesses.

As a small business, your marketing efforts must now include mobile advertising in order to compete and grow. This is because the way individuals consume content has changed dramatically in the past five to 10 years.

On the Filmora site, the company explains: “Keeping up with the times is as important today as it ever was, therefore using online marketing strategies that were successful five or ten years ago may no longer be advisable.”

The Growth of Mobile Advertising

According to the Zenith “Advertising Expenditure Forecasts March 2017” report, mobile advertising overtook desktop in 2017. And it is forecasting this lead to continue growing, accounting for 64.7 percent of internet expenditure and 27



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