How Can Technology Aid in Business Recovery? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Technology Aid in Business

From Zoom meetings to apps for boosting remote working productivity, technology has played a vital role in keeping businesses going during the pandemic. Businesses’ escalating reliance on technology is set to continue as we journey down the road to economic recovery.

Technology to Aid Business Recovery

To shed light on businesses’ dependence on tech to aid recovery, NowSourcing, an award-winning infographic design agency, developed an infographic.

The ‘How Technology Can Help the Economy Recover’ infographic was commissioned by TradeSchool Careers, providers of resources dedicated to helping prospective students find and enrol in training.

Certain Economic Changes are Here to Stay

The infographic highlights the changes the pandemic has brought to the business world. Some of these changes look set to stay for the long-term. For example, amid the health crisis, 2 in 3 Americans worked remotely. 3 in 5 workers wish to carry on working remotely after the pandemic.

Such is the demand for remote-working jobs that in March 2020, remote job listings increased by 769%, th

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Types of SBA Loans

Types of SBA Loans

Small Business Administration loans are a lot like “regular” bank loans with comparable rates and fees. So why get one?

The SBA loan usually requires a smaller down payment. Since the loan is guaranteed by the SBA, the financial institution will more readily award the loan. The payback term for a working capital loan can be up to 10 years. If you’re purchasing real estate, the term can be up to 25 years. Interest rates are reasonable. Longer terms translate into smaller payments. You can write off money paid on interest.

And of course, you’ve heard that time is money. That’s particularly true with your SBA loan application. Don’t have a lot of money in the equity of your small business? The SBA may look at the amount of time you’ve invested in your business, and consider your time to be equity.

Small business owners would be wise to get with the program. By the end of August 2019, the most common SBA loan program for small business owners (the three options in the SBA 7 (a) loan program, see below) had doled out $20.9 billion. The CAPLine financing program had loaned $255 million (for exporters, see below).

Want some of that loan

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Spotlight: Mental Health Global Network Honors Friend with Mental Health First Aid Kit

Mental Health Global Network Provides Its Own Mental Health First Aid Kit

There are tons of tangible tools to help with physical health issues. However, there are often fewer options for dealing with mental health concerns. That is, until Mental Health Global Network produced its own line of products included in the mental health first aid kit.

Spotlight – Mental Health Global Network

Additionally, the company provides training and other resources to honor a friend and support others going through struggles. Read more about the MHGN below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides mental health training and a unique support product.

Co-founder Kelly Marzoli told Small Business Trends, “Just like every facility/school has a physical first aid kit on hand, we created a

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COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery: Three Key Marketing Trends and How to Adapt

covid marketing trends

A quick spread of COVID-19 has disrupted economies around the world changing the way businesses reach and interact with customers.

As lockdowns are slowly lifted across multiple countries, business owners are discovering that things are not quite going back to normal.

In fact, there’s probably a new normal being created right now, the new way we are going to operate our businesses and do marketing from now on.

COVID Marketing Trends

Is your business ready for that new normal? Here are three key trends you can start adapting to today:

1. Comply with Tightening Safety Rules

Across the globe new workplace safety rules are being created to ensure no further spread of coronavirus.

Business owners are expected to comply with safety and health standards and regulations in order to be able to reopen their operations.

Lots of countries around the world have put together comprehensive safety guidelines for re-opening businesses to reopen, including:

Interim guidance for businesses and employers by Centers for Disease Control

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