6 Amazing Twitter Hacks Every Small Business Owner Should Know

6 Amazing Twitter Hacks You've Probably Never Done Before

Twitter is a powerful tool in any company’s or professional’s arsenal. The platform can help you rocket to success and stand out like the majestic unicorn you know yourself to be. But, you’ll only get out of this world results if you truly know how to release its potential.

Chances are, you aren’t getting everything out of Twitter that you could, and you may even be wasting valuable time (or even losing followers) by performing the wrong actions or focusing on the wrong places.

You might also be missing out if your content isn’t engaging your audience.

To really see what is and isn’t working, you need access to hard data. It also helps to be able to find your older messages, in case you need to access the content of some of the highest performing tweets you’ve ever sent out.

Twitter Hacks

And, luckily, Twitter has you covered…as long as you know where to look. To help you truly become the unicorn user you know yourself to be, here are six super power Twitter hacks you’ve most certainly never used before.

Find Your Old Tweets

Maybe you’re feeling a bit nostalgic or simply want to locate some information you sent out in a tweet way b

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Engage Talent Offers AI Services for Employee Retention

Engage Talent is AI-Powered

Employee retention is always a challenge, but when unemployment rates are at historic lows, it becomes that much harder. What if you could find a solution which could predict turnover? According to ENGAGE Talent, the predictive assessment it offers measures the likelihood of a candidate looking for new options.

In assessing financial services, healthcare, and tech industries, ENGAGE says financial services employees are the most likely to quit/change jobs in the next 90 days. This same group is also the most likely to respond to a recruiter and be interested in a new job. Healthcare workers are the least likely to change jobs.

For small businesses, losing an employee has a bigger impact. Being able to identify a potential turnover before it happens can prevent operational disruptions, lower training costs, implement retention plans and mitigate risks. Simply put, you are better prepared to plan for the changes which will take place.

But before you even start worrying about a turnover, you will lower the eventuality by recruiting the right person. Granted there is no guarantee the person you hire will stay longer, but you can make informed decisions. This is what David Allen, Associate Dean and Professor of Management at TCU and Science Advisor to ENGAGE Tale

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Increase Customer Engagement at Your Sports Bar with this Service

KonekTV Thinks It Will Change Local Sports Bars with New Streaming Platform

The way people consume content has changed. Whether it is binge-watching a whole season of a particular show or a live event, there are more options than ever. For restaurants and bars showing sporting events, it means getting more creative to put people in their seats.

A new service just launched by KonekTV is going to help by increasing the engagement level in these establishments and providing a more competitive environment.

KonekTV is the first commercial-only streaming sports platform. With the new service, it is leveraging its technology to bring more information on the screens of local venues. This the company says is going to create a sports book-like atmosphere for different events.

The service will not only make sporting events more fun, but it will also provide fantasy sports fans a new way to compete. Through its patent-pending technology, KonekTV will add a new way to engage with sporting events.

In an emailed press release, Seth Schorr, founder of KonekTV, and owner and operator of Fifth Street Gaming of Las Vegas, NV., says, “KonekTV becomes an enhanced second-screen experience for customers at their favorite sports venue, particularly for those following a sporting event with a vested interest.”

Fans are now able to foll

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Famous Sports Quotes to Inspire Your Team to Success

sports quotes

Many of the greatest inspirational quotes that can inspire entrepreneurs and business owners to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams come from successful sports people. From legendary baseball, basketball and soccer players and coaches to Olympic gold medalists and other sporting superstars, there is so much inspiration to be found in the words of these great sports men and women.

Here is an extensive selection of the most inspirational and motivational sports quotes provided for us by so many great sports stars over the years, grouped loosely together in similarly themed categories so you can quickly find the exact kind of motivation you need.

Inspire Your Team to Success with These Sports Quotes Sports Quotes About Teamwork

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