6 Tricks to Get Your Projects Done on Time With a Small Team

Any small business leader would admit that maintaining a compact team has its benefits: administration duties are low, agility is high, and team morale is easy to keep track of.

For entrepreneurs with big plans, however, it may seem like your team is too small to execute some of the projects you have in mind. While small teams may not be able to take on every enterprise-level challenge, the right tactics can help your small business take on challenges you might otherwise never have thought possible.

Maximize Your Small Team

Maximizing on your team’s size means accentuating your strengths and giving special care to any potential weaknesses — here’s how you can do that:

1. Have the right tools at your disposal.

No team, no matter the size, is going to be able to do their work properly without the right technology behind them. Platforms like project management software and instant messaging apps are crucial for ensuring the kind of business-wide cohesion that makes it possible for small players to make big moves.

Evaluate what your team needs most right now: for remote of

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Watching Amazon: Online Grocery Shopping Rose 7x in a Month

online grocery shopping growth pandemic

Amazon maintained its position in the number one spot and saw its brand value increase 32%, or almost $100 billion, to $415.8 billion, according to the 15th annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking released earlier this week by advertising firm WPP and research firm Kantar.

And they are smoking the competition, as #2 Apple is over $50 billion behind.

It’s easy to see that COVID-19 has been a big factor in this increase in value, as the size and speed of the shift to online shopping brought on by the virus caught everyone off guard.

But even after a shaky period at the beginning of the crisis, Amazon seems to have weathered the storm and is operating at levels customers have grown accustomed to.

And because the pandemic has accelerated the move to the world being even more digital, it has also positioned Amazon to be even more successful in a Post Covid world.

Growth of Online Grocery Shopping During P

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In the News – New Food Service Tools Help Restaurants Match Latest Consumer Trends

curbside service restaurant

Our world, for better or worse, is becoming increasingly touchless.

And you won’t see that trend any more than at a local restaurant. In order to stay open in many states, dine-in restaurants – of which thousands are small businesses – are forced to adapt to new health and safety guidelines all the time.

Right now, that means implementing a lot less personal, one-on-one interactions. But the less personal doesn’t need to be impersonal and some companies are creating new technology that makes the restaurant dining experience as familiar as it was just at the beginning of this year.

This week, two companies introduced new tools for restaurant owners that help owners stay open and serving customers while observing all proper social distancing and safety standards.

Check out these articles published this week that deal with this subject:

SpeedPro Releases New Touchless Menu Technology for Restaurants and Bars

As lockdown restriction ease up and restaurants and eateries start to open, SpeedPro has released a new signage technology to help maintain

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