Want to Market Your Business More Authentically? Read On

In 2020 Authentic Marketing in Business Will be Key for Your Success

In case you haven’t heard, authenticity is the name of the game for online marketers and small business owners. Whether you have the big corporate brand name or not, people are looking to see that you actually care about others and your message before buying from you.

You probably already know how important brand loyalty and trust is. If you want to win more loyal customers and clients, authentic marketing should be a key aspect of your sales strategy in the coming year. Check out these ways to market your business more authentically in 2020.

Survey Customers to See Where They’re At

The good old traditional customer

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Local Coworking Spaces on the Rise, Survey Suggests

Local Coworking Spaces on the Rise, Survey Suggests

If you’re in search of a good coworking space for your employees, you should think beyond WeWork. There is a growing trend of renting local coworking spaces.

According to the latest Coworking Space Trends for 2020 from Clutch, 36% of coworking employees work in local coworking spaces. And 39% of coworking employees work in WeWork, the most popular option.

Considering most businesses now prefer to be involved in their local communities and the recent WeWork crisis, local coworking spaces are expected to rise in popularity.

Small business owners often try to cut business costs to increase their profits. And renting spaces locally is often cheaper than renting a coworking space from big brands like WeWork.

So small business owners can save money if they go for a local coworking space provider. What’s more, renting a local coworking space can help you connect with your local community.

Top Coworking Spaces

Throughout th

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What is Employee Relationship Management?

What is Employee Relationship Management?

Employee relationship management are tools and techniques small businesses use to keep their employees happy and engaged. Here’s what you need to know to put together a system that works.

What It Is

Joe Flanagan is the Lead Project Engineer at Tacuna Systems. He supplied a more detailed definition.

“It includes interactions between employers and employees,” he writes. “This includes recruitment, training, delegation, exchange of feedback, collective decision making, collective brainstorming, and rewarding.”

Employee relationship management is about boosting your bottom line as a small business. That means you also must find out what your workers want and need.

“Needs vary greatly depending on employee characteristics — age, gender, etc.– as well as the type of job being performed,” writes Marvin Smith, Credit Coach

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Franchise Businesses Created 24,600 Jobs in November

November 2019 ADP Small Business Report

The November 2019 ADP Small Business Report shows another month in which franchises are generating large number of jobs. Generally, this is a segment that shows considerably lower numbers, however, it hasn’t been the case the past couple of months.

November 2019 ADP Small Business Report

In October, franchises created 30,100 jobs. Although the number of jobs created was lower for November, it still stands at a healthy 24

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