Data Security Remains Top IT Concern for Small Businesses and Others

Data Security Tops 2020 Information Technology Priorities

A recent study shows 43% of data breaches involve small businesses. As a result, it’s no surprise that data security is the top IT concern for 2020.

Netrix IT Trends 2020 provides more details. For example, 74% of organizations voted data security as their top IT priority in 2020. And 43% of organizations named data privacy as their top IT goal.

Small businesses are increasingly becoming the favorite target of hackers. For example, findings in the Netrix’s report are a true reflection of the cybersecurity threat businesses face today.

Being a small business owner yourself, you must check your cyber readiness to ensure data security and data privacy in 2020 and beyond.

Data Security Tops 2020 Information Technology Priorities

Irrespective of sizes, verticals, and geographical locations, mos

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U.S. Chamber’s Shop Safe Campaign Seeks to Protect Businesses from Counterfeit Goods

U.S. Chamber Shop Safe Campaign to Protect Businesses from Counterfeit Goods

In a bid to fight fake goods and scams this holiday season, the US Chamber of Commerce has launched its Shop Safe campaign. The campaign is spearheaded by the Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC). The GIPC warns the holidays present an opportunity for counterfeit goods and scam artists to trick unsuspecting customers.

With the commotion of planning meals, buying gifts and traveling, more consumers

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5 Effective Marketing Video Tips for Your Small Business

5 Effective Marketing Video Tips for Your Small Business

You’re almost there. You have your blog up and running and you’re publishing content consistently. You have the copywriting handled. You might have even set up your email list software. These are all essential components of a marketing effort. But it’s still missing one thing: Video.

While other forms of content sharing are still important, video has become the most often used marketing medium by both large and small businesses. It’s no surprise considering the fact that consumers connect more with visuals than any other medium. But creating successful marketing videos isn’t easy — especially if you have no experience presenting somet

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Keep Up with Tech Innovations for your Business by Attending TECHSPO New York

If there is one constant in digital technology, it is the constant rate at which it evolves. And if you are a small business owner, keeping up can be quite a challenge.

TECHSPO New York 2020 is a two-day event that will showcase next-generation technology and innovation.

The expo will have developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and evangelists. These participants will be teaching and revealing technologies that will grow your small business.

Some of the basic topics the expo will cover include Artificial Intelligence, a Video Marketing Master Class, a session on Magnifying Your Brand on LinkedIn, and sessions on the impact of data in business.

Previous attendees include everyone from Accenture to Adobe, Allstate, Apple, Chase, Dell, eBay, IBM, HP and Google. These and other leading brands in technology, finance, insurance, retail, food and beverage have participated.

So, make plans to attend TECHSPO New York 2020 from May 7 to 8, 2020.

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