15 Power Banks for Your Business Gadgets

15 Power Banks for Your Business

Our smartphones have so many different functions they’ve become everything we might need all stuffed in a palm-sized device. Despite their many uses, their battery life is one area that continues to pose challenges. Having your battery abruptly die on you could make for a bad day.

Even if you don’t travel much for business, you probably use at least one device often. That’s why a power bank absolutely essential these days. To ensure that your devices don’t run out of charge, power banks/portable chargers have become a must-have these days.

What to Look for in a Power Bank?

Power banks come in all shapes and sizes.  Despite the cool shapes and colors what should really matter the most is your power bank’s milliamps per hour or mAh for short. Simply put, the mAh is the unit that indicates how long (per hour) the power bank can deliver a certain amount of current (mA).

For instance, a standard adapter with a smartphone can have an output of 2000 mA. So,

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10 Steps to a Better Decision Making Process

10 Steps to a Better Decision Making Process

Various internet sources estimate adults makes about 35,000 conscious decisions each day. We have been given free-will and a multitude of choices in life about:

what to eat what to purchase a look at our beliefs job and career choices we will pursue how we vote who to spend our time with

Each choice we have and the decisions we make about them carries certain consequences. These consequences may prove good or bad. This ability to choose is an incredibly powerful asset. And we have an obligation to be thoughtful. This should be done not just on behalf of ourselves. It should include consideration of all the people our decisions include and could impact.

We have all made decisions we regret and wish we could go back and change. But, we can’t go back. We can only go forward with better judgement and a refined decision maki

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15 Dual SIM Phones for Your Business

15 Dual SIM Phones for Your Business

Dual-Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) phones let you use two SIMs in a single phone. With more people cutting the cord from their landline phones, a dual-SIM phone is a great way to separate your personal and business lines.

If you have multiple businesses, it is another way to differentiate them when you are outside of the office. After all, juggling multiple handsets can be taxing. Most dual SIM phones have active dual SIM functionality. A dual SIM phone can support two active SIMs at the same time, without requiring you to remove and swap SIMs to change the phone number.

Advantages of Using Dual SIM Phones

There are many advantages to using dual SIM phones, not the least of which is the ability to manage business and personal calls on the same phone without using second phone number apps. Most people use dual-SIM phones to help separate work and personal calls. Rather than carrying separate phones for work and personal contacts-

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84 Food Business Ideas

84 Food Business Ideas

Food is one thing that will never go out of style as everybody needs to eat, several times a day. That’s why starting a business centered on food can be a truly rewarding enterprise.

Food Business Ideas

Here are 84 examples of food business ideas to consider.

Meal Planning

Similar to the dietician, a professional meal planner helps people to eat healthily over a set period of time. This works especially well for people on a diet who are trying to lose weight as the planned schedule for their meals can help eliminate extra snacking and unhealthy impulse eating.

Fitness Food Prep

Another excellent business idea is a combination of meal planner and nutrition coach. Preparing food in advance for the likes of athletes and bodybuilders is something of a niche market. And you would need to have potential clients lined up in advance, but if you are already a part of the health and fitness world with contacts at gyms and fitness centers, there is definitely an opportunity to start a food prep business.

Organic Food Shop

There has been a huge surge in the popularity of organic food in recent years, so an organic food shop could be the perfect food business idea for you.


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