Small Businesses Add 32,000 Jobs in February


The ADP National Employment Report for February shows small businesses added 32,000 jobs for the month, but it was much lower than January, at 51,000 jobs. This as the U.S. continues to accelerate the vaccination for COVID-19 and cities across the country start easing restrictions they have in place. And so far, the recovery in the labor market is sluggish at best.

Nela Richardson, chief economist, ADP, echoed this very sentiment in the release for the report. Adding,  “We’re seeing large-sized companies increasingly feeling the effects of COVID-19, while job growth in the goods-producing sector pauses. With the pandemic still in the driver’s seat, the service sector remains well below its pre-pandemic levels; however, this sector is one that will likely benefit the most over time with reopenings and increased consumer confidence.”

And the service sector will play a great role in reviving many small businesses.

February 2021 ADP Small Busi

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Streamline Your SaaS Vendor List With These 13 Entrepreneur-Recommended Tips

streamline your saas vendor list

Many businesses rely on software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to help them run their everyday operations. However, with so many specialized vendors, it’s easy to lose track of the number — and price tag — of the SaaS providers you’re working with. To help, members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) weighed in on the following question:

“It can be all too easy to get overwhelmed by the number of software-as-a-service companies you utilize when you’re limited on your own resources, so what’s one tip you have for streamlining the number of SaaS vendors you work with?”

Here’s what YEC community members recommend you do to better utilize your SaaS tools.

1. Conduct Regular Audits

“Our team maintains a spreadsheet where we have all our SaaS tools that we pay for, how much they cost and what they do exactly. Each quarter, we find tools that we are no longer using or even ones that now offer features we used another

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Do You Know How to Improve Your BBB Rating?

bbb rating

A stellar Better Business Bureau rating for your business will give you star power. The BBB rating is a measuring stick that tells the consumer what to expect from businesses. Peer members of your business community read the ratings.

How does the Better Business Bureau calculate the number for a business rating? Why are BBB ratings so important for businesses?

“BBB ratings are based on multiple elements, including how the business responds to complaints, transparency, truthful advertising and more,” said Paula Fleming, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, BBB of Eastern Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont. “Having a good BBB rating is important as it reflects the BBB’s opinion of how the business is likely to interact with customers.”

In other words, a top letter grade rating from the BBB is a direct reflection of the BBB’s degree of confidence in a business. As such, the BBB ratings system can make customers much more likely to choose your company, which the BBB has judged as operating in a trustworthy manner. And this is why you should find out how to get BBB accredited once you establish your business.

What Factors are Included in my Better Business Bureau Rating?

Want to learn what specific elements and background information go into determining

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20 Free Video Editing Apps for Beginners

free video editing apps

Strong video content can help a small business demonstrate products, provide value to customers, and even produce extra revenue streams. And you don’t need an expensive video editor like Adobe Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro to reap these benefits. There are plenty of free video editing software programs available. And many offer features and abilities that can help you create professional looking videos.

What is video editing software?

Video editing software describes any tool that can be used to digitally modify video content. A video editor may allow you to clip certain sections, add or enhance audio, alter the visuals, and compile multiple clips together. These features are used after video content is collected to turn raw footage into a finished video that can be enjoyed by the masses. And with the right solution and enough practice, you can also start considering video editing business ideas.

What Features to Look for in Video Editing Programs

Video editors often include a variety of features. The exact ones you prioritize will likely depend on the specific needs of your video content team. But here are

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