CRM Playaz on TikTok: Respect for Customer Data Trumps Huge Engagement Numbers


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The CRM Playaz are not going to buy TikTok. Let me explain why.

Last week Microsoft made it known publicly that it was interested in acquiring a stake in TikTok, a wildly popular video sharing platform that has been in the news a lot lately.

But the Microsoft news seemed to set off a bunch of reports that other companies were also interested in, including Apple and Twitter.

In fact, so many TikTok acquisition stories started cropping up my CRM Playaz co-host Paul Greenberg and I started exploring whether we should put a bid together … OK I was just kidding on that one.

And yes, I didn’t need to say I was just kidding for you to know I was just kidding.

But with all the TikTok acquisition talk going on, the Wall Street Journal published a report this week that found TikTok “skirted a privacy safeguard in Google’s Android operating system to collect unique identifiers from millions of

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FreshBooks Launches Mileage Tracking App for iOS

FreshBooks Mileage Tracking iOS app

FreshBooks has announced the launch of its iOS application to help track mileage. With the application, customers can track their mileage, categorize business trips, and view potential tax deductions all from their phones.

This application comes in handy for businesses that require constant travel and can easily claim mileage for taxes. According to the company, the app helps simplify filling out logbooks, gas station receipts and keeping track of work-related travel.

FreshBooks Mileage Tracking App for iOS

With the new FreshBooks Mileage Tracking app available for iPhone and iPad, users can easily file expenses that come from meeting clients and other driving-related business. The app is available to FreshBooks customers in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

“Adding Mileage Tracking right inside FreshBooks makes it easier-than-ever for our customers to keep everything organized in one place and maximize their tax deductions,” says Mike McDerment, CEO and Co-founder of FreshBooks.

The Application in Detail

With Mileage Tracking, businesses can use their mobile device to send invoices, logging expenses and tracking business travel expenses. The application offers

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Nextiva Invests in Company with New Hires, Promotions and Partner Program

Nextiva just announced it made the largest channel investment in the company’s history with the launch the Nextiva Nexus Channel Partner Program.

Moreover, the investment comes along with the addition of some key talent to VP positions along with the promotion of Cathryn Valladares to VP of Enterprise Solutions.

The move by Nextiva highlights the importance of investing in both capital and talent to keep your company growing. Granted not many small businesses can make the same moves as Nextiva at the same time. However, identifying what is necessary for growth and going for it is key.

Nextiva Nexus Channel Partner Program

Eric Roach, former Microsoft sales leader and executive at Accordo Group and Intermedia, was appointed as Nextiva’s VP of Channel Development. In the company blog, Roach says, “The investment that Nextiva is making in the channel is the next step to building upon and accelerating what the company has already been so successful in creating.”

As Roach says, investing more in what you have been successful at a

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In the News – Are You Requiring Customers to Wear Masks? Data Suggests You Should

face mask required

Face mask mandate debates are raging across the United States right now. While you can control what a federal, state, or local government requires, you do manage the realm of your business.

And despite your personal feelings on whether or not face masks work or if they should be required, a new consumer analysis released recently suggests requiring at your store likely will lead to more customers, not less.

GatherUp analyzed more than 40,000 online reviews regarding face masks being required in stores and determined that about 71% of consumers would prefer and are more likely to shop at a store requiring its customers to wear a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Again, the requirement in your store may not match your own personal feelings on the subject, but if you’re looking to draw in more customers now than keep them away, it may be the logical step to take. Requiring face masks, it seems, leads potential customers to at least feel safer while they’re in your store.

You can read more about the GatherUp analysis in our report from earlier this week: 71% of Consumers More Likely to Shop at Stores Requiring Face Masks

Check out all the other big news for small business owners over the last

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