Geoff Webb of PROS: COVID-19 Turned Great Business Plans Into Potentially Damaging Now

geoff webb pros interview

A specialty manufacturing company in business for a long time Geoff Webb, VP of Strategy for AI/analytics platform PROS, says his company went from doing roughly 10% of their orders through online digital ecommerce at the end of last year, to 80% of their business today.  

Geoff shared this with me and my CRM Playaz co-host Paul Greenberg during our latest weekly show.

That stopped us in our tracks.

But also led to a fascination conversation with lessons for businesses of all sizes to take in. 

Below is an edited transcript of a portion of our conversation.  To hear the full conversation listen to the embedded SoundCloud player.

smallbiztrends · Geoff Web of PROS – Covid has Good Business Plans into Damaging Ones Geoff Webb, PROS, Interview with Small Business Trends

Brent Leary: You guys deal with optimization and numbers and trying to help your customers figure out the right mix from a data perspective to allow them to make the best offer at the right time and extend it to that level. With this pandemic, how has digital transformation changed and how have using the numbers, using these optim

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ActiveCampaign Launches New App to Keep You in Touch with Customers


ActiveCampaign, a cloud software platform for small businesses, has announced the launch of a new mobile app. The app is designed to help businesses communicate faster with customers and accommodate for always-connected consumer demands.

New ActiveCampaign Mobile App

The ActiveCampaign mobile app enables businesses to operate more agilely than if they relied solely on desktop all-in-one solutions. The mobile app allows small businesses to respond quickly to customers and communicate with them at the right time, so they are never left waiting to connect with a business.

From one convenient mobile app, users can manage sales teams, view pipelines, and create deals, while on the go. Businesses can also manage and view 1:1 and marketing communications. They can see the results of marketing campaigns from the convenience of their mobile device.

ActiveCampaign Conversations

Through live chat, email and a unified inbox, the supplemental ActiveCampaign Conversations app allows businesses to generate collaborative experiences from anywhere.

During these difficult and challenging times, it is more important than ever that businesses communicate with customers quickly and efficiently. Being able to connect with customers while on the go, mobile phones are provin

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In the News – Zoho Bigin is CRM Software for the Smallest Businesses

zoho bigin crm

If you’re busy trying to get your business back on its feet, you probably don’t want to be bothered by much new technology. The time to learn it probably doesn’t exist right now.

But you’re going to need sales and the smaller your company is, the more unapproachable most of that technology is.

This week, however, Zoho released new CRM software called Bigin that’s designed specifically for the small businesses and even freelancers.

Zoho says it’s time for freelancers, independent contractors and micro-businesses to stop using spreadsheets to track customer interactions. And Bigin promises to function just like other CRM software, just without the big learning curve and price tag.

And it’s not a piece of software where you end up needing a fraction of its functions. Remember, it’s designed for the smallest businesses.

Check out our feature on Zoho Bigin here.

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