How Does Digital Knowledge Management Benefit Your Businesses? This Webinar Offers Answers

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What are the Small Business Benefits of Digital Knowledge Management? This Webinar Offers Answers

There are tons of information about your small business available online. But how accurate is this data? And how is it working for your business?

If you’re not even sure what your customers see when they search for your business or related products and services, then you may need a digital knowledge management strategy.

A new webinar “What is Digital Knowledge Management and Why Should Small Businesses Care” from online brand management company Yext contains all the information you need about digital knowledge management and why it’s a strategy you should be deploying for your own business.

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What Is Digital Knowledge Management?

Digital knowledge management consists of any activity where you manage and make your brand’s digital knowledge available to customers in the moments that matter.

This concept allows you to bring public facts about your brand together and puts you in control of your brand and your online reputation.

It’s especially important today, in the age of social media and apps where there are so many different platforms that contain information about your business. And going f

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New Dell Workstation Addresses Small Business Need for Increased Computing Capabilities

New Entry-Level Dell Precision Workstations Now Available

As more small businesses demand increased computing capability, manufacturers are making workstation computers available at more affordable prices. The new entry-level Dell Precision models — including what Dell (NYSE: DVMT) is calling the world’s most powerful 1U rack workstation — are the latest examples.

These new workstations have a small footprint, deliver powerful performance, and are competitively priced. And this has workstations available to a whole new customer base of individuals and small businesses who need increased computing capability.

Rahul Tikoo, Vice President and General Manager of Dell Precision, says in a recent press release, power has become a standard in the next generation small footprint workstations. Tikoo explains, “Dell is leading the way in this evolution with these new entry-level workstations designed to deliver the ultimate in performance with a substantially smaller footprint.”

This very point was also addressed by Jennifer Huffstetler, Vice President and General Manager of Datacenter Product Marketing at Intel Corporation. She added, “The combination of the Dell Precision 3930 Rack with the Intel Xeon E processor is bringing new levels of performance in a small form factor to data- and graphics-intensive fields.&rdquo

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Supporting your Employees Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Here’s How to Do It and Why

How to Support Your Employees, and Why

As a small business owner, you might think your most important investment is in your equipment, or in the R&D for your latest product, but in most companies, your employees are your most important assets. Your workers will be the ones communicating with clients, adhering to your brand values, and ultimately helping the company grow — so it’s in your best interest to to know how to support your employees in any way you can.

Supported Employees

Providing more support to your employees, through perks, flexibility, services, and environmental conditions, can help your company in multiple ways:

Attendance and productivity. Worker illnesses and injuries costs employers in the United States alone more than $225 billion every year. Providing more support to your employees can help prevent those maladies, addressing them proactively so they don’t interfere with productivity. While on the job, your employees may also be more productive, capable of doing more in less time or seeing higher performance rates. Morale and retention. Employee turnover is also a

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New Survey Highlights Communication Problems Costing Your Transportation Business Money

Communication Challenges in Transportation Companies Hinder Success

According to the latest Fleet Advantage survey, 31.3% of those doing the finance don’t understand some of the costs of running the fleet. This includes procurement and cost management.

Fleet Advantage says there is a significant lack of communication between fleet operations and the finance department. And with close to a third not quite understanding what is going on, the loss in terms of money, efficiency and customer attrition could be substantial.

This not only applies to operators with large fleets. For small operators, effective communication is even more important because the losses can have more consequential damages. The operations, which includes drivers, dispatchers and bookers have to be on the same page with those in finance.

Communication Challenges in Transportation Companies Hinder Success

As Brian Holland, President and Chief Financial Officer at Fleet Advantage explained in the press release, there are different priorities. Holland said, “It is evident that both the operations and finance departments are focused on different priorities in terms of fleet management and costs, and this poses a challenge to collectively achieve a singular organizational goal.”

He goes on to say, “Hopefully, this survey will shed light on these communications challenge

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